"Specials So Great . . . You'll Wanna' Lick Your Plate!"
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"Offering  An  Exceptional  Dining  Experience!"

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* Our  Special-Dinner-Specials  &  More *
"We  Are  Not  Your  Average  Restaurant!"

F.L.A.G.'S  "Special-Dinner-Specials"  really offer something delicious,
and if YOU enjoy a little Champagne, a glass of Wine or a Cocktail with your dinner then,  YOU may "bring-in" your own favorite "alcoholic-beverage" to drink,
so that, YOU may have a truly different dining experience with us!
* We Offer An Exciting Array Of Dinner-Specials . . . Featuring Menus That Are Not Normally Included In Our Regular Menu Selections! *


F.L.A.G.'S  "Special-Dinner-Specials"  Are  Something  To  Consider  For  A  Unique  Dining  Experience!

"We Are  Different And Better Because, We Want To Be . . . We Offer Many, Various, Exclusive Meals!"

Previously, we have offered "fresh"
( not frozen ) whole Maine Lobsters, "sweet" Alaskan King Crab Legs, "oven-roasted" Legs Of Lamb, "thick-cut" Prime Rib slices, "baked-stuffed" Jumbo Shrimp, and many other types of combination dinners, such as; "exceptional" Grilled Steaks with "oven-baked" Chicken Quarters, as well as, "ethnic-cuisine" dinners, such as; a "complete" Italian-Style-Dinner or an "exclusive" Oriental-Style-Dinner, served "family-style" . . .  ALL Of Our "Dinners-Specials" Are Served "Full-Course" Including Dessert!

F.L.A.G.'S  popular "Special-Dinner-Specials" usually occur on the last Saturday of any given month ( but, not always ), and can usually occur from about March through to October, with an "Extra-Special-Dinner-Special" being offered on New Year's Eve, they all usually commence at 5:00 P.M., and of course, they always require an "Advance Reservation!"

There are three ( 3 ) different ways to find out about, and get involved with, our very exclusive "Special-Dinner-Specials" . . . The first and best way is to join our "E-Mail Club" which already has over 300-E-Mail-Club-Members, and once a month, usually on either the first Monday or Tuesday, you will receive an e-mail from us telling you what our "Monthly-Dinner-Special" is, what it includes, when it will occur, and what the per-dinner charge will be . . . The second way is to telephone us at . . . 1-307-837-2324 . . . And ask us about it . . . Or, the third way is to come in and dine with us, and on your table there will be a "Reservation Card" to fill out.

We suggest joining our "E-Mail Club" because, we are now offering many other different "advantages and benefits" for being an "E-Mail-Club-Member" . . . Such as; "Special Discounts" and "Special Services" exclusively for "E-Mail-Club-Members" only!

Seating Is Always Limited With All Of Our "Special-Dinner-Specials" And Previously, Many Times We Have "Sold-Out" . . . Therefore, Your "Advance Reservation" Should Be Made As Early As Possible!

You Can E-Mail Us From Here, Right Now "Click Here" To Join . . . Just simply request becoming an "E-Mail-Club-Member" And Give Us Your Full Name, Telephone Number And The E-Mail Address That You Want Us To Send Our Announcements To . . . You Will Receive A Confirming E-Mail Back From Us, Usually Within 24-Hours Of Making Your "E-Mail-Club-Member" request . . . If Not Then, Kindly Telephone Us At . . . 1-307-837-2324 . . . To "Personally" Confirm That Your "E-Mail-Club-Membership" Request Was Received . . . For Some Strange Reason . . . Sometimes . . . Some E-Mails Don't Get To Us.

* We Also Often Offer An Exceptional Selection Of Various $5.00 Daily-Specials . . . Usually Featuring Popular, Tasty Tidbits & Delicious Meals Which Are Not Normally Included In Our Regular Menu Selections! *

For the convenience of our local Patrons, as well as, for the many Campers, Fishermen, Hunters, R.V.er's, Tourists and Travelers that stay within and nearby Fort Laramie, Wyoming U.S.A. -  WE  RENT  MOVIES - For Only: $1.00 Per-Day, Per-Movie - Deposits Are Required.

* We  Offer  Over  Several  Dozen  Different  Movie  Titles  To  Select  From *
* We  Change  And  Rotate  Our  Title  Selections  On  A  Regular  Basis *


COMING  SOON - For an additional, added convenience, we shall start carrying a limited line of various Groceries and "take-home" food staples, such as; Milk, Bread, Butter, Eggs, Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, as well as, Toilet-Paper, some Tobacco items, various Candy, Gum, and "other" popular requested items . . . ALL of these items will be extremely reasonably priced for purchase!

* We  Are  Attempting  To  Fill  A  Need  Within  Our  Community  &  For  Those  That  Visit  Here *

Menus,  Prices  &  Services  Are  Subject  To  Change  Without  Notice  Here,
It  Is  Suggested  That  You  Telephone  Or  E-Mail  Us  To  Confirm  Them!
F o r t   L a r a m i e   A m e r i c a n   G r i l l   ... "A  Restaurant  You'll  Always  Remember ...
... Because,  At  The  F.L.A.G.,  All  Meals  Are  Made  With  A  Little  Bit  Of  Love!"

* Not Required . . . However, For Normal Dining . . . Reservations Of At Least 3-Hours In Advance Would Be Sincerely Appreciated! *

The Fort Laramie American Grill / Restaurant & Bakery, in Goshen County, Wyoming USA, offers food, beverages and dining for the residents of Fort Laramie, as well as, Cheyenne, Casper, Torrington, Lingle, Guernsey, Wheatland, Chugwater, Lusk and Hawk Springs.  We cheerfully serve Charter Tour Buses, Travelers and Tourists, RVers, Hunters, Campers and Fishermen.  We also host and cater small business meetings, private dinner parties, anniversary celebrations and intimate wedding receptions . . .  ALL Private Functions May Bring-In Their Own Alcoholic-Beverages For Their Own Personal Parties!