"Your Own Mother Would Want You To Eat Here!"
From U.S. Highway: 26 Turn Onto U.S. Highway: 160 ... We're On The South Side Of The Tracks!

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"Some  Important  Information  About  Us  And  What  We  Do!"

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* F. L. A. G. ' S   INFORMATION   PAGE *
"An  Introduction  To  Us  &  About  What  We  Do"
* We Offer Exciting Menus & Impressive Services ... NOT Commonally Offer By Many Other Local Restaurants! *

* Restaurant  &  Bakery *


Original owners and founders of the Fort Laramie American Grill, Proprietors: Alexander & Donna Jankewicz, shown in photos, over the years have developed an active following of faithful Patrons, which come from many of the surrounding areas.

Alexander, officially retired from the Restaurant & Catering business effective; December 31st, 2006, and now enjoys the volunteer-duties and commitments to educating and properly training the other family members, which will "take-over" operations of the
"F.L.A.G." upon Donna's future retirement.

Proprietors: The Jankewicz Family, are experienced, professional caterers from New England, and after spending over 12-years in "colorful" Colorado decided to fulfill a life-long-dream of opening a neighborhood Restaurant to serve a local community and chose "historic" Fort Laramie in "wonderful" Wyoming U.S.A. to become that place They opened on May 11th, 2005.

The Entire Jankewicz Family Are All Professional Caterers With Many Years Of Experience, Since The 1970's, And Now Offer Their Combined Impressive Services At Their Restaurant & Bakery.

We exclusively offer an authentic "home-cooking-style"
and specially prepares meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, most menu
selections are actually individually prepared, as your order
is placed, and you can see and taste the difference that makes.

We prefer to not pre-cook and re-heat foods therefore,
you are insured the freshest tasting menu selections offered
by any quality Restaurant in America.

The significant importance of making that decision is what allows "Our Restaurant" to be different and better than almost any other restaurant that you have ever eaten at in the past because, many other restaurants do usually prepare their foods up to 24-hours before you actually eat it.

If you have ever eaten at any restaurant that, when your server brought you your meal, they said "be careful, your plate is hot" Then possibly, that entire meal was probably prepared much earlier and was micro-waved to be heated-up for you Do you consider that to be fresh?

For that reason, the Fort Laramie American Grill individually prepares it's meals for each patron and except for making it at home yourself You simply cannot eat anything, anywhere else, any fresher The fact is, you probably haven't eaten this good since, before you grew-up and moved away from your parent's home!    Regardless of what menu selection you choose We are absolutely dedicated to serving you a fresh and fulfilling meal!

For your entertainment pleasure ... A
"big screen" T.V. featuring family-oriented-movies,
as well as, classic children's cartoons.

The F.L.A.G. is not a "sports-type-bar" nor, a
"fast-food-style" establishment!

The F.L.A.G. is a very "family-friendly" restaurant
that is eager to serve you!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are served and besides
our regular menus The F.L.A.G. also offer some very exciting "off-menu-specials" as well
See the F.L.A.G.'S "off-menu-special's" board
Come and visit You'll be glad you did!

The F.L.A.G. exclusively offers our very own, popular, "Handmade" Soups & Desserts, as well as, "Handmade" Donuts, and during the "Wintertime" we usually offer two ( 2 ) different "Handmade" Soup selections, and most of the rest of the time, we offer either 2, 3, 4, or even 5 delicious "Handmade" Desserts to choose from!

"Home-Cookin' Is Our Style!"

So, should you either live nearby, or be vacationing through "historic" Fort Laramie, Wyoming, the F.L.A.G. is right on the way to the actual "Fort Laramie National Historic Site" itself Which is located approximately 28-miles off of U.S. Interstate: 25 ( exit: 92 in Wyoming, heading East, on U.S. Highway: 26 ) Then, it would be definitely worth your while to venture into this unique Restaurant, conveniently located only 3-miles before the "historic" Fort, at the intersection of U.S. Highway: 26 and U.S. Highway: 160 Or, from U.S. Highway: 85, in Torrington, Wyoming, follow U.S. Highway: 26, approximately 20-miles West, towards Fort Laramie, and at the intersection of U.S. Highway: 160, cross over the railroad tracks to the South-Side, just as you would to visit the "historic" Fort itself F.L.A.G. is easily found right there at that intersection, then you can tantalize your taste-buds, while filling-up with authentic "Home-Style-Cookin'."

Should you be traveling East or West, on either U.S. Interstates: 70 or 80, exit at U.S. Interstate: 25, and head North, and from U.S. Interstate: 90 head South, following the "brown" National Historic Signs to the "Fort Laramie National Historic Site" You will pass-by the F.L.A.G. Restaurant twice Once going to visit "The Fort" and again when you leave Obviously, we really are very easy to find Should you have any trouble finding us then, simply ask anyone you see!

The Fort Laramie American Grill
* Restaurant  &  Bakery *
Is Proud To Be A Non-Smoking,
American Restaurant Offering A
Relaxing Atmosphere And An Enjoyable
Dinning Experience For You And Your Family
So, Please Visit Soon And Please Visit Often!


OPEN EVERY DAY - 8:00 A.M. UNTIL 2:00 P.M.
Usually "Closed" On Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.

We No Longer "Close" Until No Patrons Are Inside Our Restaurant And It Is After Our Scheduled "Closing" Time . . . Call Us For Details!


Many Days We Remain "Open" Hours After Our "Closing" Time

TELEPHONE:  1-307-837-2324

We Offer Our Services After Our Scheduled "Closing" Time . . . Call Us!



"Order Anything On Our Menu And Should You Not Be Happy With It
We Shall Happily Replace It With Another Selection Of Your Choice,
Without Any Additional Charge To You!"
F o r t   L a r a m i e   A m e r i c a n   G r i l l   ... "A  Restaurant  You'll  Always  Remember ...
... Because,  At  The  F.L.A.G.,  All  Meals  Are  Made  With  A  Little  Bit  Of  Love!"

* Not Required . . . However, For Normal Dining . . . Reservations Of At Least 3-Hours In Advance Would Be Sincerely Appreciated! *

The Fort Laramie American Grill / Restaurant & Bakery, in Goshen County, Wyoming USA, offers food, beverages and dining for the residents of Fort Laramie, as well as, Cheyenne, Casper, Torrington, Lingle, Guernsey, Wheatland, Chugwater, Lusk and Hawk Springs.  We cheerfully serve Charter Tour Buses, Travelers and Tourists, RVers, Hunters, Campers and Fishermen.  We also host and cater small business meetings, private dinner parties, anniversary celebrations and intimate wedding receptions . . .  ALL Private Functions May Bring-In Their Own Alcoholic-Beverages For Their Own Personal Parties!