"Fresh-Baked-Breads ... Handmade Sweets & More!"
From U.S. Highway: 26 Turn Onto U.S. Highway: 160 ... We're On The South Side Of The Tracks!

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"Our  Bakery  Prefers  Accepting  Advance  Special-Orders . . . Phone  Us . . . 307-837-2324!"

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"We Cheerfully Accept Special-Orders!"
* Fresh-Baked-Breads ... Handmade Cakes ... Candies ... Cookies ... Danish ... Pies ... Rolls ... And Much, Much More! *

The Jankewicz Family operates the "Bakery at the F.L.A.G." and very much enjoy the many duties of our responsibilities.

Preparing all of the delectable delights and sweet-treats that we personally create for all of our Patrons Fresh-Baked-Breads, Handmade Candies, Various Styles Of Cookies, Delicious Danish, Whole Cakes & Pies, And Much, Much More.

We especially enjoy and appreciate "Special-Orders" and with, at least, a 24 to 48-Hour advance request we will tantalize your taste-buds with something that is truly wonderful.

We Cheerfully Accept "Special-Orders" & Prefer You Make Them!

Our "Special-Order-Bakery" is capable of specially creating almost anything for you, that you might want to enjoy having . . . We offer the following "Bakery-Items" only as an imaginary guide to the unlimited possibilities available, as well as, the estimated cost to produce them for you.

* Freshly-Baked-Breads NO  Additives  Or  Preservatives *

* Nice - Large - Loaf -  ONLY:  $4.00
( Most Common Breads: White or Wheat or Cinnamon or Sour Dough
Our Specialty: Anadama Bread A New England Style Bread Just Try One! )

* "Handmade"  Delicious  Danish,  Turnovers  &  Donuts *

Most Popular Flavors Apple, Apricot, Blueberry, Cherry & Pineapple $2.00 Each

Buy Them Buy The 1/2 Dozen - ONLY $1.75 Each

"Handmade" Donuts Just: $0.75-Cents-Each Can't Buy Them Anywhere Else!
* Wonderful Wedding & Parties Cakes ... "Handmade" Specialty Desserts ... And Much, Much More! *

Affordably Priced
Whole Cakes, Pies
& Creative Desserts
Specially Prepared
With Just A 24 To 48-Hour
Advance Request
Contact Us!
* Special-Orders: 1-307-837-2324 *

* "Handmade" Pizza Pizza Pizza *


We Can Create A Fresh, Whole 12" Pizza-Pie For You To Either "Eat Here"
Or To "Take Home" To Enjoy Allow About 25-Minutes For Preparation!

Freshly "Handmade" Cheese-Pizza - ONLY: $10.00
Include Any Available Toppings For JUST: $1.00 Per-Selection

We Can Also Offer & Serve Two ( 2 ) "French-Bread-Style-Cheese-Pizzas" With Our Own "Handmade-Pizza-Sauce" And A Small Salad - For ONLY: $10.00

Menus,  Prices  &  Services  Are  Subject  To  Change  Without  Notice  Here,
It  Is  Suggested  That  You  Telephone  Or  E-Mail  Us  To  Confirm  Them!

Our "Bakery" Also Has It's Own Website . . . With Additional Information . . .
. . . To Visit It For Further Details . . . "Click" Onto The "Banner-Link" Below!


During the different Seasons of each year We, occasionally, will have available for immediate purchase some various Bakery-Items Our exclusive Bakery encourages YOU to request "advance orders" for your favorite Bakery-Items, at least a full 24 to 48-Hours in advance of needing them, to be sure that they are fresh and available for when YOU want them We will be most happy to accept any "Special-Orders" and have them ready for YOU, for when you need them Telephone Us At 1-307-837-2324 To now place your own "Special-Order" or come in and do so in-person.
F o r t   L a r a m i e   A m e r i c a n   G r i l l   ... "A  Restaurant  You'll  Always  Remember ...
... Because,  At  The  F.L.A.G.,  All  Meals  Are  Made  With  A  Little  Bit  Of  Love!"

* Not Required . . . However, For Normal Dining . . . Reservations Of At Least 3-Hours In Advance Would Be Sincerely Appreciated! *

The Fort Laramie American Grill / Restaurant & Bakery, in Goshen County, Wyoming USA, offers food, beverages and dining for the residents of Fort Laramie, as well as, Cheyenne, Casper, Torrington, Lingle, Guernsey, Wheatland, Chugwater, Lusk and Hawk Springs.  We cheerfully serve Charter Tour Buses, Travelers and Tourists, RVers, Hunters, Campers and Fishermen.  We also host and cater small business meetings, private dinner parties, anniversary celebrations and intimate wedding receptions . . .  ALL Private Functions May Bring-In Their Own Alcoholic-Beverages For Their Own Personal Parties!